Sorry, guys.

I know, I know. I've been gone for a while. I got a valuable explanation for this, though. It's a good explanation and it's legit. Well, I'm in the process of moving. I scored a condominium. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, top floor, balcony, large living room, dining room, and a large kitchen. I honestly can't wait to finish moving all my things into my new place. It's going to be epic. EPIC, I TELL YOU! I've got Power and Water hooked up already, but I still need to have Internet, Cable television, and telephone (Which are all included in a single package/bundle deal with the local internet company here). So once more money comes in, I'll be getting those installed.

My place looks empty, as well. In-fact, it looks SUPER empty. I'm going to need to save up for a dining room set, some balcony chairs, computer desks, a couch, a television stand, and I still need to save up cash for my uber computer (Which has been set back quite a bit, 'cause the money I saved for my uber computer, I had to use on getting my new place; But hey, a place to live is FAR MORE important than a computer. What good is a computer when you don't have a house to use it in?).

Once I get the whole place remodeled and done with, I'll continue saving up for my computer. Damn, I just realized that my car also need to be serviced. It's all good, though. It shouldn't cost too much cash (My car, that is). Damn, I'm excited about my new place. Well, the people I'll be living with are two other people. We're splitting the rent and utilities three ways. It's going to be Noir (Yes, the same Noir from FC2 BLOG; I know alot of you are familiar with her) and my cousin Matt.

If we need one more additional roommate, say if the rent and bills start getting a little too steep, I may end up inviting another friend along (Hopefully a girl; Haha). It's going to be odd, though, I think. But there's already two males, only one female. Too much testosterone. There needs to be more females. Haha. I have the perfect addition in mind, but the problem is I havn't seen her in a long, LONG time. She's a friend of Noir's, too; Actually, we're all friends, so I know we'd all get along- Just as long as the money keeps coming in.

This is exciting for me, because I've got so many plans for my new place. I'm definitely, DEFINITELY going to pimp the hell out of my new place. Man, just thinking about it is making me excited. I especially can't wait to set up my computer desks (Which I'm going for either a "futuristic" look, or maybe an "office" look. Either one). It's going to be fuckin' AMAZING! Seriously. GAH!

Well, since the place, along with the utilities, and all the additional furnitures I'm going to have to purchase, is going to cost alot, I decided to get an additional job. Just something part-time, to keep more money flowing. That job is at a local supermarket. The only position open was bagger, but as long as the hours are part-time, I'm all gravy. I don't care what position it is. I already had an interview for it (I used to work for the same supermarket back in High School) and guess who the boss is? The same boss I had YEARS ago in High School. Haha. I know he definitely wants me to work there, 'cause I'm a trustworthy person and I'm hard working; The only problem is I have a conflicting schedule. One, I have a full-time job, plus I have responsibilities with other things as well (Most are online; Important online things; Like being an administrator for FC2 and other websites; AND building, repairing, and modding computers for online customers- Which I get paid to do on my own personal time).

Oh, another additional thing that I can't wait for is, I'll be applying to be a Firefighter. I can't wait. It's a good job and a type of job I like to do. I like helping people, I like working as a team, I love the firefighter life. Think about it. 3 days of 24/7 work, then 4 days off. I could so accomplish alot of things in 4 days. Another thing that's awesome about this Firefighter job is it pays alot. It's about, well, I don't really want to say the pay grade/rate, but it's alot- And that's only base pay. Not including night differential, hazardous pay, etc. (Which all falls under the 3 full 24/7 days), and that "Additional Pay" is ALOT, as well. I can't wait. Plus, it comes with GOOD health and dental plans and amazing benefits (Retirement plans, etc).

Alright, well, that's all from me. I'm sorry, again, for not posting much, guy. I'll get to posting alot more once I get internet hooked up into my condo. Take care, guys. Laters.

Forever loved,
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