Sure has been a while.
Well, it truly has been a while. I started playing Counter-Strike: Source more often now, but I also got into a new MMORPG called Atlantica Online, all thanks to Noir. Haha. She always plays it, got me interested, so I decided to take a gander. I tried it out and wow, I was impressed. It's a pretty good game, especially the fact that it's free.

Anyways, I thought I lost all my skills on Counter-Strike: Source. Boy, was I ever wrong. I played for a day, started feeling comfortable. Played the second day and was owning people. Third day, my friends that are part of a clan called PLC (Parking Lot Crew), who have their own server, made me an admin.

I also recently got Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas Pro, so be expecting me to make alot more videos from now on. I also got FRAPs, too. (Yes, they're all fully functional programs; Not demos or trials). They cost an arm and a leg, though. Which is crazy, because I'm saving up for a new computer. I believe Sony Vegas was $400, Adobe After Effects was $1,000, and FRAPs is $37.

Anyways, I think I'm going to make an Atlantica Online video with Noir first, before I make a CSS video. She's part of a Guild that I'm trying to get into, so maybe I'll make it a Guild video; Maybe I'll just make a Noir and Jest video. Not sure. All I know is I'm going to put alot of work into the video, to make it come out just right.

I'm planning a surprise for PLC, though. I plan on making them an advertisement video. Majority of it is going to be footage or me (Although, I'm not part of PLC), but there's a select few of the PLC members I'm going to request them to demo themselves and send me the files. I'll compile them together and work on the entire vid. I'll be posting them on YouTube, GotFrag, and other places people go to watch Counter-Strike: Source videos.

Anyways, I've been dieting and exercising ALOT lately. That's right. I finally started. Haha. I'm starting to look buff, again. I used to be extremely physically fit before; Then I guess I got discouraged and stopped lifting weights, running, skating- Basically, I cut off all physical exercises; Stopped dieting, too (Since the diet I was on was for lean muscle gain), so there was no point on continuing the diet.

Well, I started it again. It's been a few days already and I can see the change. It's insane. I didn't think I'd notice a change so fast, but I see it already. None-the-less, I'm feeling good. I even started skating, again. I plan on taking more pictures or myself and my home boys. I just don't like carrying a camera around, 'cause that means you're the designated camera guy, which means you can't skate as often and if I do put the camera down, I'm always conscious that it might get stolen or something, so I don't like bringing it.

I guess that's all from me. Sorry for the lame update; Hopefully, next time, it'll be alot juicier and alot more fun to read. Until then.

Occasionally homicidal,
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Yeah you're right. Well I'll give it a few weeks. If they don't promote me within that time then I'll consider it.


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